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Frequently Asked Questions

Why is YYSC better than the other shave clubs?
Well we're kinda partial, but:
1) We have a great selection of razors and other items for Great Prices.
2) We have Women's as well as Men's razors.
3) We have Name Brand razors (like Gillette & Schick) at lower prices then the stores.
4) They are delivered right to you for FREE!
Shall we go on?...

How does it all work?
Very Simple, choose a razor and any other products you want delivered, then signup and receive your order as requested in about 2 to 3 weeks. Then get Monthly, Every Other Month or Every 3 Month shipments as you need.
For Shave Kit orders, after your first shipment, Kits are then billed on the first of each month and shipped the first week of each month.

How and when do you charge my credit card?
Our system charges your card automatically before each shipment. The charge to your credit card is on or about the same time every month give or take a few days due to holidays or weekends. Your shipment will ship with in about 7 days.

Do You have a membership fee?
Nope, Never,
You pay for ONLY the razors and product you order and that's it.

How long do I have to keep my membership?
Hopefully you will remain a member forever, but if you do choose to suspend or cancel your shipments, You may do so at any time. There are no term requirements. If you pay in advance for shipments, once you cancel your membership, your remaining shipment will be shipped as you requested when placing the order, then your membership will cancel after all shipments are complete. You MUST Cancel using your online account before you are billed. If you cancel using an email you will need to do this 7 days prior to your billing date. We do Not issue refunds once you have been charged. It is your obligation to cancel or email us to cancel you membership..

How long does it take to get my first order?
Your shipment will normally ship within about 14 business days or less after placing your first order. in some cases it can take slightly longer. We will then ship your items for the following shipments on or about the same time as you selected each shipment. If you have a special situation and need your shipment faster, please let us know and we will do what we can to help. (Birthday, Wedding, etc) For Shave Boxes, they are billed on the first of each month and then will ship the first 2 weeks of each month.

What if the Post Office charges me extra for my delivery?
Well that's just not supposed to happen as they gave us the cost of shipping each item, BUT if it does happen, Please contact us and we will be happy to reimburse you for any additional charges they required you to pay.

Do you give refunds?
Refunds are determined on an individual one on one basis depending on each situation.
To receive a refund, items cannot be opened, damaged or used in any way. Refunds are not given for special order shipments.

Where do you ship from?
We ship from multiple locations within the USA.

Can I change my razor section?
Of Course, at any time you can log into your account then change your shipment selections.

Can I order a new handle.
Sure, just contact us and let us know you need a new one. They run from $3 to $8. Contact us for details.

I live in another country, will you ship to me?
Yes, Of course we will. There is a $9.99 charge to ship to Canada and $16.99 on most all other shipments to the rest of the world. you will be told at checkout if there is a charge for your shipping.

Will my price ever go up?
Your price on Yin Yang  Brand Razors will only change if there is a good reason, but it is very unlikely, but ( Warrior & Aurora) even if our price goes up on our site your price will stay the same as the day of your original purchase. The prices on Name Brand Razors will fluctuate depending on market prices. Prices on Name Brand Razors are based on our price from the manufacturer. We do our best to keep your price as low as possible. 
Do you have phone support?
No we do not offer phone support, but our support dept is available via our "Email Us" link on the bottom left of each page.